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In Vigna

Our vineyard is composed of different terraces, at the highest part of the appellation,

with exposition from south to west.

In total we have about 0,6 hectares.

We work manually and meticulously our land. We do not use any sort of synthetic product, there are no shortcuts and safeguarding the soil, the environment and pur health is part of our philosophy.

Every single organism in the vineyard is part of our precious natural terroir.

Our soil is predominantly sandy, and it is enriched with local seasoned cow's manure.

senza ricorrere cosia fertilizzanti industriali

A small magic village, surrounded by the nature, intrinsically connected with winemaking, Carema is found at the northern tip of Piedmont.


Assecondare la Natura,
imbottigliare il nostro Terroir.


Sommelier, Négociant ed aspiranti Vignaioli.

Terrazzamenti di vigna abbandonati a Carema

ripresi dalle mani della natura

e nuovamente vitati.

Sebbene la tradizione sia la via maestra da seguire, uno sguardo al futuro è necessario

per l'ottimizzazione del lavoro in vigna.


For us quality and sustainable farming methods are more important than mass production.

For this reason we produce only a very limited amount of bottles.

We want to create an environment that encourages our grapes and the surrounding wildlife to flourish and thrive together.

Working with compost and manure from a km0  farm.

Everything we do from farming to packaging is done with the future in mind.

We allow Nature to take its course under the guidance of the winemaker.

We source our grape from sustainable and organic practising  vineyards.

Minimal intervention, indigenous yeast, no adjustments, minimal sulfur usage, no filtration to create a wine that are balanced, and always 100% vegan.

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